Negotiations is one of the most enjoyable competitions that we offer. Working together as a team of two, you will negotiate your way through employment contracts, business mergers and other advisory scenarios, in an effort to ascertain the best deal for your client. No doubt it is demanding, but it is equally rewarding. Developing skills that are required by employers, battling against your friends in a fluid environment and having a great time are only three of many reasons why you should get involved.

Each round involves three stages.  Scenario Brief; 30 minutes before start, you will receive common and confidential client information relating to the scenario and plan your argument and decide the areas in which you will be willing to compromise. Negotiation; 30 minutes of discussing with opponents with the aim to leave the table feeling that you have done your best to promote your client's interests. Feedback; 5 minutes after, where judges then give some appraisal and constructive criticism to help you improve. 

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