Pro Bono means "For the Public Good". You may have heard the term used to refer to lawyers working for free for clients who would otherwise not be able to afford their services, but it also encompasses a wide range of voluntary projects, using the law and legal knowledge as an effective instrument for social change. These include community outreach, public legal education, fundraising and working in partnership with legal charities, mentoring, active casework and campaigning. 
As law students in London, there are countless opportunities for you to get involved in Pro Bono. As one of the world's most populated cities, there is plenty of need, and as students, we are extremely well placed to meet that need.

Pro Bono is an important part of UCL Laws. We offer a diverse range of projects in which students can be involved, within the areas of Public Legal Education, Human Rights and in particular UCL is a strong advocate of widening Access to Justice; we highlight this cause not only through our educational projects, but masthead it through the Centre for Access to Justice (CAJ) itself. The CAJ continues to grow as a platform for students to assist with real casework under supervision, as well as participate in gathering data for the academic study of which the Centre is a focus. For more information, please see here . This year, we will also be introducing a new Access to Justice Blog, a new and exciting opportunity for students to put their writing skills to use and engage with the cause as Student Contributors. 


For any concerns or queries, please contact the Pro Bono Officer: 

Eloise Wainwright |