This is real debating, simulating the kind of intense and high pressured environment you will encounter professionally. 
Debating is both an interesting and enjoyable way of improving your public speaking confidence and developing your analytical and reasoning skills. The challenges faced in debating are mirrored throughout the legal profession, from advocacy at the Bar to negotiations and closing deals as a solicitor. Furthermore as you get involved in Debating you will be confronted with some of the most relevant and stimulating points of discussion in current affairs and legal practice. 

The Competition
The competition is open to all UCL Laws undergraduates and will be judged by leading academics and legal professionals. You will progress through the competition as an individual, being given your motion 30 mins before your debate. Four speakers, with two on either side of motion, will then be judged on the criteria of content, style, structure, POI & rebuttal. Making it to the final stage will be recorded on your official UCL Report, which is sent to potential employers, making the Competition rewarding personally and professionally. 

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